Tent Revival: Rebecca rising

So, this week I’ve introduced a new character into the Tent Revival Universe. Her name is Rebecca and she is one wild woman. Allen and Rhonda, two of the main characters in the book, seek her charms to increase their power and to become one with her group. Allen will find, as Rhonda already knows, there are prices to pay for everything you do.

I’m posting the story on the Write Practice, my writer’s forum, for critique. Hopefully, I will have this thing wrapped up, the rough draft anyway, soon. Then comes the hard part, putting it all together. I am using Scrivener now and it is already making the process much easier. I thank my writer friends for helping me see the way there. I’m excited about getting the Tent done and will continue to post updates to where I am in the process.

Edmund Stone

Published by edmundstone69

My name is Edmund Stone and I am a horror/fiction writer. I write in a small rural community on the banks of the Ohio River. I take inspiration from this place full of macabre characters and strange landscapes that most people would only dream of. I'm married to a wife that supports my crazy whims, along with three dogs, a slew of cats and a son who appears periodically from his bedroom to say, "Hi".

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