Tent Revival: What I’ve learned so far

  New image for Tent Revival. This is the planned book cover. I never really had much of an idea of what I wanted this to look like but put it together piece by piece. The book itself now stands at 56000 words and counting. It’s the biggest project I’ve worked on to date. IContinue reading “Tent Revival: What I’ve learned so far”

Word to the wise, never go full on Elvis before stretching first!

Today I was trying to make the long daytime job a little more interesting. So, I decided, or maybe was coerced, to perform karaoke to Elvis’ Jailhouse Rock. I performed with gusto and finished with a karate kick to make any Elvis impersonator proud. Later, when I went to my karate class, I noticed aContinue reading “Word to the wise, never go full on Elvis before stretching first!”